What is CIPD qualification equivalent to?

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What is CIPD qualification equivalent to
Jan 05, 2024

CIPD is not a new term for students who want to pursue a career in the corporate world for Human resource management. However, before going to join a particular career people always want to get an idea of its significance and scope that can be gauge by its equivalence with the other degree program.

The concepts of the CIPD qualification

CIPD qualification refers to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as an educational program that originated in the United Kingdom in the 20th century. The main reason behind the emergence of this program is to make the working culture better for the people. The establishment of this program was in the year 1913 and till now it is recognised around the whole globe. This institute renders the training, accreditation and education for the people associated with learning and development and Human resource management. With the help of this qualification, students can get her all the topics including organisational development Human Resource Management and Employment law. CIPD qualification has multiple levels including Foundation intermediate and advanced that provide the comprehensive and progressive acquisition for the professionals of Human Resource Management.

What are the global standards of the CIPD qualification?

The qualification of CIPD is considered and known throughout the world with tailoring alignment that recognises academic and professional standards. The qualification has some Global standards which are characterized by different components:

  • The main structure of CIPD qualification is to generate a detailed range of people management and human resource management potentials. It includes the thinking strategy, development of organisation, employee relations and management of talent.
  • Another recognition of CIPD qualification is because of the acceleration by professional bodies and relevant education. This recognition increases the qualification`s credibility internationally and provides surety to learners and employers.
  • The alignment of this qualification will understand the Framework competency and professional standards and the management of human resources. It also certifies the graduates of CIPD with a set of skills that is relevant and Transferable throughout different geographical locations and industries.
  • Another emphasis of CIPD qualification is on inclusivity and ethical behaviour in the practice of Human Resource Management. The professional also undertakes the qualification of CIPD which is well-equipped with the principles and knowledge that are mandatory to navigate the difficult challenges of ethics and promote inclusion and Diversity within the organisation.
  • CIPD also boosts the commitment to ongoing development. It also aligns with the standards of the globe which focus on the significance of industry trends, best practices and innovative skills acquisition throughout the career.
  • Another commitment of CIPD is to the advancement of resource professional leadership and research. CIPD qualification also has a contribution to the global discourse on the practice of Human Resource Management that certified its qualification informed with the latest industry and research.
  • The CIPD also provides Global reach to the learners with valuable networking opportunities. It connects professionals from different backgrounds and boosts their perspective internationally to the CIPD qualification.

Uniformity of CIPD in the UK

CIPD has great equivalence in the United Kingdom because it holds great representation with professional Hallmark in the human resource management field and people development. CIPD qualification is broadly acknowledged and respected by industry practitioners, employers and the Institution of Academy. Human resource management is understood by employers as the human resource excellence benchmark. The rigorous curriculum of the CIPD caterer all the ranges of critical competencies of human resource management with certifying individuals the qualification of CIPD possess skills and knowledge which are mandatory for the dynamic stock market of the UK.

CIPD also provides a royal charter that reinforces its status as a professional and Chartered Institution. This recognition is prestigious to highlight the commitment of the Institute to maintain the incredible standards of ethical conduct professionalism and ongoing learning in the field of Human Resource Management. The individuals who are associated with the CIPD qualification sometimes find out well position advancement and their career within the UK with multiple employers who are actively searching out the professionals who have completed their programs of CIPD accreditation.

Academic degrees and CIPD qualification

Basically, there are three major levels in CIPD qualification which are equivalent to different degree programs.

Undergraduate level

  • Level 3 of CIPD is considered as the foundation diploma program which is equal to a level qualification.
  • Level 5 of CIPD is equivalent to the intermediate diploma which is equivalent to the academic level of any undergraduate degree program.

Postgraduate level

  • Level 7 of CIPD is considered as the advanced diploma which is most of the time considered equivalent to the postgraduate degree program including a master`s degree in Business Administration or human resource management.

Bachelor`s degree level

  • The level 5 level 7 CIPD qualification is equivalent to a bachelor`s degree in Human Resource Management or relatable field.
  • The student who has completed all the levels of CIPD qualification possesses the alignment with human resource management. It`s another emphasis is on the industry-specific skills and practical skills.
  • The CIPD qualification has also Global recognition that contributes to their equivalence with the acknowledgement of employers and professional standards.

Professional development and industry relevance

The relevance of industry and professional development in the CIPD qualification is crucial in playing a role in the ongoing effectiveness and growth of individuals in the human resources field and people development.

Here are the aspects which are required in professional development

Curriculum with comprehension

CIPD qualification provides a comprehension which paves for all technical and logical domains of Human resource management that cater for the range from the law of employment to the relations of employment in people development and HRM.

Ongoing learning

CIPD appreciates the continuous culture of learning in development and encourages professionals to upgrade their trends of industry, emerging issues and best practices.

Practical application

The emphasis of CIPD on the practical application certifies the individuals to increase their experience and become able to implement the acquired concepts in the scenarios of the real world.


The structure of modules in the CIPD qualification format the professional to design their learning to particular domains of interest that support their personalised development of the profession.

Industry-relevant skills of the CIPD qualification are given underneath

Global Outreach

The learners can recognise themselves throughout the whole globe with the help of CIPD qualification and enhance their ability to employment and mobility throughout the world.

Industry alignment standards

The alignment of CIPD qualification with the best practices and industry standards certifies the individuals with the equipment a long-lasting skills and knowledge required by the profession of Human Resource Management.

Networking chances

The platform for the professionals to share collaborate and connect their information and provide a community which appreciates their exchanges of experience and ideas.

Recognition of employer

Employees throughout the world and industries always value and recognise the CIPD qualification. Most of the time they consider them as the benchmark for promoting and hiring professionals in Human Resource Management.

Focus on strategies

The emphasis of strategy on the CIPD qualification of the professionals always contributes strategically to the goals of the organisation that increase their potential to lead the functions of human resource management effectively.

Final thought

All in all, the industry relevance and professional development in the qualification of CIPD is great evidence in practical learning to increase the focus on global recognition continuous learning and industry-standard alignment. These aspects have a great contribution to the advancement of career impact of industry and competence of the individuals who have qualifications in CIPD.

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