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Step 1: Receiving the order

When a customer places an order our team analyse the order and make sure of what customer wants and they thoroughly check the order if all requirements are at hand.

Step 2: Allocating the order

After the order is received our team forwards the order to the most appropriate writers according to the requirements. Every order is sent to a minimum of 50 writers to make sure there is no delay in the work.

Step 3: The Writing process

When our writers receive the order, the first writer who accepts the offer informs our team as soon as they receive it then our writer starts working on the order right away. Our writers are strictly told to keep a check on every requirement. They make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled as per the customer’s wants.

Step 4: Double-check

When the writer has completed the process of writing they send it back to our team. Our manager then double-checks the writing process and make sure that every requirement is met. Our team also makes sure that the quality of the work has not been compromised.

Step 5: Delivering the order

After our team makes certain that the order is completed as per the customer’s desire. The order is then delivered to the customer before the deadline.

You should know that we deliver the order way before the deadline as our team is consistently in touch with the customer. In case there are any changes or updates in the requirements no time is wasted and the updates are sent to the writer right away. We make sure that the customers are aware of the process of their order. We stick to our promise and make sure that high-quality work is delivered to the customer.

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