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Have you got any questions? We have got you covered! Here are all the answers you need to know about us and if we fail to answer your question, drop us your question on our chat-box or mail us.

1. Tell me more about your company

We are a UK based company that holds a certified company number under company house UK which has been incorporated in 2007. Please go to about us for more details

2. What are our services?

We provide writing, editing, and proofreading services. Our aim is to deliver quality and 1st hand accepted papers by your tutors to all the students who do not understand the complexity of each assessment. If you have further questions related to our services, please contact us.

3. How to contact us?

We have our customer support team 24/7 available for your convenience, you can contact us on our chat-box, WhatsApp, or email us and our team will get back to you.

4. Who handles the writing process?

We have hired 500+ writers with 100+ Professional writers who are active and available for your assistance.

5. What is the payment process?

You have to make the 50% payment before-hand for the confirmation of the order, the rest 50% should be paid at the delivery of the order. For further information contact our support team.

6. How can the payment be made?

To make it easy for you, we have made the payment process an easy access

  • Visa
  • Visa credit
  • Visa debit
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

7. How do you deal with deadlines and plagiarism?

Our writers are professionals at what they do, they have exact knowledge on how to ace an assignment within the given time period as they are aware of all key terms of your assessments, they make sure that the work they provide is original. Moreover, for the certainty that we provide zero plagiarism work, we use the tool instructor to double-check the plagiarism.

8. Do you offer assignments for all levels?

Our writers are professionals and experts providing quality assistance at all levels. For further information about this question contact us through our chat-box

9. What do you do to maintain the quality of your paper?

Our manager keeps a check on every order received and makes sure that the quality is not compromised as our writers are strictly advised to follow the Quality Assurance policy. After the writers submit the order to our manager, our team double-checks the work before delivering the order to the customer

10. Can I make changes to my requirements?

It sometimes occurs that customer wants to update their requirements. In case of changes, we allow minor changes if the customer omits to mention something. In case of major changes, prices are reconsidered as we charge according to the technicality of the assignment. To gain any further information about this, contact us on our chatbox.

11. Will I be able to track my order?

We provide you with the customer support team who is available 24/7 for your service. You can contact our team to gain any updates related to your order.

To make sure that we provide you all the answers, we keep on updating our FAQs as we are asked a lot about particular information to maintain the standard quality of our services. For any further information, you are requested to contact us on our provided “Contact us” info.

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