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How Much Does a CIPD Qualification Cost
Jan 12, 2024

CIPD or Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has an ace up its sleeves to change the game of your professional life in a particular time frame. Students who are fed up with the traditional ways of education in which they have to do research and long degree programs can make hay while the sun shines. The CIPD qualification is an incredible chance to carry on their professional lives. After knowing the incredible facts about the CIPD qualification the next concern of the students is about the expenses of the whole program. The main aim of this blog is to make the students explore the expense facts of the CIPD program.

There are multiple factors on which the cost of CIPD qualification is based. It paves with the level of the qualification in the CIPD that in which level of the CIPD you are going to get the education. However, with the help of the information demonstrated below you can easily get an idea of the prices then the selection of the program will be a piece of cake for you.

What are the international costs of the CIPD qualification?

If you are stuck between the query of the international cost of the CID program then this information is for you.

  • Level 3 of the CIPD certificate has international costs of approximately £1,100 to £4,500.
  • Level 5 of the CIPD certificate has international costs of approximately £3,300 and £4,000.
  • Level 7 of the CIPD certificate has international costs of approximately £4,000 and £7,750.

Different platforms of the CIPD qualification offer different budgets for their diploma program. In addition, the students who don’t have enough expenses to bear the cost of the CIPD qualification can apply for multiple scholarship programmes funded internationally to carry on their education.

Understanding of the CIPD levels

As the CIPD program is comprised of three major levels, therefore education and learning are associated with the stage on which the student is recently in. Students select any of these levels according to the experience they had in their previous careers. In addition, based on their potential and skills they come up with the conclusion about selecting any of these CIPD levels. Let`s have a glance at the three levels of CIPD.

Level 3

The qualification of CIPD level 3 is appropriate for beginners in learning and development and human resource management. The students who are inclined towards starting their profession in HRM or L&D take level 3 because they can get the fundamental concepts of the CIPD through this. After the completion of this CIPD qualification level, the learner will be able to get the job at the position of HR assistant, people assistant, coordinator of learning and development, administrator of HR, Training practitioner, etc.

Level 5

This level is the mid-level qualification in the CIPD program and is tailored for people who have some experience in Human Resource Management and learning and development. By completing this diploma program, the learners will be able to work in the position of learning and development advisor, human resource manager, payroll manager, administrator in HR, senior business partner in HR, etc.

Level 7

CIPD level 7 is appropriate for individuals who want to acquire the education of PhD level in the field of learning and development and human resource management. Therefore, the individual who has greater experience and skills and wants to ace their process of learning can get admission in it and get the senior-most positions in the corporate world. The job roles include consultants of learning and development, director of human resource management, recruitment manager at Human Resource Management, etc.

What are the other expenses students have to bear in CIPD qualification?

International students have to bear multiple expenses while getting admission in the CIPD program which is comprised of multiple factors including membership in CIPD, fees of the workshop, online education expenses, and accommodation expenses. Apart from all these expenses, there are multiple issues that students face while considering the CIPD qualification. However, here we are discussing just a few of the issues that students have to face while wearing the expenses of their CIPD qualification.

CIPD membership

In the membership of the CIPD, the students completely rely on their initial membership. The student who is in search of the remaining and re-joining their membership wants to upgrade their membership grades including Chartered or associate membership. The students have to submit their assignments and study their course initially they required to get Membership in CIPD which requires annual fees that`s why the student who is going to become the Student Of the scores will be last in a year then they have to pay this fee. The benefit which a student can get from CIPD membership is that they would have access to excellent digital resources which can assist them in studying at every stage. The recent charge for CIPD membership for students is approximately 144 euros.

Online mode of study

A number of international students prefer to study online due to the physical barrier and This study mode has a great influence on the CIPD qualification prices. Institutions including Universities and colleges are more expensive than online learning. Apart from the cost the student can also consider the learning mode in which they find themselves comfortable and according to their commitments. Online learning can be a flexible means of communication in contrast with classroom-based learning. The students can gap the benefit of a self-lead environment within the online classes. The major factor behind taking the online learning mode by the student is the geographical distance. There are multiple ways in which the method of studying influences the completion rates and grades of the student at the time of checking the examination and assignments. It is a great comparison of the physical students and online learning students by the side of the Educational Institute. The students of online learning could not buy the material and textbook. instead of having to buy the eBook that is supplied by an educational institute. The price of that eBook material is generally less than the physical material. The core requirement of online learning is a compatible environment at home and a perfect Wi-Fi connection.

Course workshop

At the time of enrolment in the CIPD course, the students were always concerned about the workshop peace multiple online CIPD providers have these workshop programs with courses which are sometimes mandatory and sometimes optional for the qualification. The cost of this workshop may vary according to the content of the course and duration including the setting out by the online learning provider therefore these pieces are sometimes checked out by the learners at the time of shopping for CIPD qualification according to their budget.

Wrap up!

If you are a student seeking any qualification program to get a good job and flourish career then a CIPD qualification is the best option for you. On the other hand, your queries and concerns regarding the costs or expenses of the CIPD program are easily explained in the blog. In this way, you can easily conclude to take your kind of learning with the cost details being an international student.


Why is CIPD so expensive?

The expense of CIPD qualification is based on different factors the reason behind the expense of CIPD qualification is that the information you get in the scores as offered by the professional body is recognised by the extensive certifications of the supporting services. All the expenses of the CIPD program pave the Quality development of the curriculum ongoing updates and process of assessment that is aligned with the standards of industry and continuous professional support. In addition, CIPD also invests in resources, Research and networking which boosts the qualification value. On the other hand, this cost can be high because of the institute`s commitment reflection to maintaining a valuable and high standard. It also makes the education industry relevant for human resource professionals throughout the world.

Is a CIPD qualification worth it?

Yes, the CIPD qualification has great words in the field of Human Resource Management and learning and development because it increases the skills. It demonstrates the commitment to the field by boosting the ability of employees by providing respect and recognising credentials.

Is CIPD free?

No CIPD is not a free qualification program. the cost of the CIPD qualification is associated with the membership, qualification and examination of the CIPD program.

Is CIPD only for HR?

Initially, Chartered Institute of Personal and Development CIPD had the main exercise on people development and human resource management. On the other hand, its resources and qualifications are valuable for people who are professionals in the relevant field including learning and development, employee relations and organisational development.

What happens if I fail my CIPD?

If you fail the examination of CIPD then you have to retake your examination and for that purpose, you have to pay the additional fees. the retaking examination fees have a variety. Therefore, consider the budget for the potential expenses of retaking and utilising the resources which are available including the support services study and material to enhance the chances of your subsequent success attempts.

Is Level 5 CIPD worth it?

Yes, level 5 of the CIPD qualification has great worth for the professionals of Human Resource Management who are in the middle of their careers. In detail, knowledge-enhanced skills and boosted prospects of the career make the individual appropriate for the strategic role in organisation development and human resource management.

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