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CIPD vs HR Degree Which Qualification is Better
Feb 02, 2024

Student always remains concerned about their studies when it comes to pursuing a career. everyone wants to pay less and get more in the same way students adore to get admission in such programs in which they have to study less and get more skills. The discussion on the selection of a particular field for human resource management has been increased for the individuals who are going to attempt any qualification program to become the part of industry as well as develop human resource careers. The point of confusion in the minds of the students is this selection of degree program between human resource qualification or CIPD qualification. A number of people have mind said that human resource qualifications are appropriate for students who want to pursue a career in Human Resource Management and are known throughout the world. On the other hand, many people consider the CIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as the appropriate qualification program for individuals to acquire skills and practices for human resource operations. The argument on this topic in terms of Masters or undergraduate degrees in Human Resource Management providing the skills and knowledge equipment to become part of industries has been raised.

Let`s have a look at both qualifications and draw your conclusion.

What is CIPD qualification and its significance?

CIPD is a noteworthy qualification program which is an acronym of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for Learning and Development and human resource management sectors. This qualification is broadly respected and recognised by UK employers and employees throughout the world. It is considered as illustrated hands-on knowledge and skills required by the human resource professionals at the workplace. It prepares individuals with all dispensable and tantalizing ideas of the profession who are going to pursue a career in Human Resource Management and want to imprint their career development. some of the distinguished features of CIPD include its versatile levels.

  • CIPD level 3 is the initial level in which learners acquire the fundamental concepts of the qualification.
  • CIPD level 5 is considered an associate program and its learning is equivalent to the bachelor`s degree program and makes the learners more experts in their field.
  • Level 7 of the CIPD is the advanced diploma which is the highest qualification to make the students learn to apply for the highest job positions.

What is a Human Resource degree program?

A number of universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in multiple management fields for learners and Human Resource management is one of them. All of the educational institutes never offer a similar course outline for the students in the HRM degree. However, Human resource management is a degree program which makes people specialise in emphasizing the maintenance training and staffing strategies of the workforce with practices. The human resource management degree program provides instruction and training in relations and law of labour, recruitment of employees and process of development with theories of management, communication of organisation and other objects which make students able to manage the Assets of human organisation.

CIPD vs HR Degree

The evaluation of both educational programs CIPD and HRM will aid you in analysing the curriculum of both degree programs Human Resource Management and cipd with their significance in generating an education with information. The CIPD qualification is selling like hotcakes because of its industry-oriented and practical approach that emphasizes the scenarios of the real world and decent practices of human resources. It caters for the wide areas of Human Resource Management that include talent management, relations of employees and the development of the organisation. The course instructor and structure of the module will assist the learners to make their abilities more progressive through versatile levels that tailor them to particular aspirations of their career.

Whereas the HR degree emphasizes the comprehensive curriculum of the academic that offers the foundation of theory in Human Resource Management. It hunts through the attributes of organisation, law of labour, and strategic management to provide a wide recognition of the Dynamics of business. This curriculum sometimes includes practical projects or internships that connect the applications and theory.

The selection of any one of the degree programs from both depends upon the career goals and preferences of the individual. If the person is in search of immediate application and emphasized skill set of Human Resource then CIPD will be the better choice for them. On the other hand, HR degrees are for those who want to get the extensive framework of the theory with having urge for well-rounded recognition of Human Resource principles and business. Your decision is aligned with your preferred style of learning, the objective of your career and the practical skills needed in the landscape of Human Resource competition.

The Influence of CIPD and HR Degrees on Profession Scenarios

The significance of an HR degree and cipd qualification has a great influence on professional scenarios in the field of Human Resource Management. cipd qualification provides the industry-focused potentials, and practices and improves the immediate application in the character of manager or human resource Advisors. However, an HR degree renders a wide foundation of the theory and generates individuals for the positions of human resource management with strategy. sometimes employees in the Work Culture get valued by the side of employers who have cipd qualifications because of their particular set of skills. On the other hand, a human resource degree can also open up different opportunities for the versatile parts of the career within management and business. on the priority of individuals with the give on comprehensive recognition or expertise of the principles of Human Resource Management and their wider implications in business.

Employer’s point of view on each qualification

According to the perspective of an employee, CIPD qualification gets priority because of the more practical approach and industrial domain. People having the cipd qualification can understand the scenarios of the workplace and then deal with them. In addition, the cipd qualification is mostly comprised of the real-world examples and scenarios given in the assignment and assessments which made them prepare to generate the solutions to all issues. Hence, the organisation’s head and recruiters prefer individuals who can start working according to the job market from the first day and they prefer the CIPD professionals rather than the HR degree qualified.

Benefits and limitations of CIPD qualification

Some of the main benefits which you can get by taking the CIPD qualification are here.

  • It offers practical skills and specialisation which cater for the recent practices of Human Resource Management.
  • It improves the immediate employability
  • It renders a focused set of skills that has great value among employers.
  • the structure of the module provides flexibility and makes the professionals progress more with versatile levels of CIPD.
The limitations of cipd qualification are demonstrated below.

  • Cipd is a costly qualification compared to a traditional academic degree.
  • Its main emphasis is on practical skills which may be meaningless and based on a foundation of theories.
  • It is specific and has limited positions for the people in a career.
  • It is only appropriate for people who want to get a particular role in the field of HR.

Benefits and limitations of HR qualification

The benefits of the HR degree program are provided below.

  • HR degrees render theoretical foundations with comprehension in the Human Resources field.
  • It of our wider recognition of the Dynamics in business.
  • The HR degree graduate people have great equipment with strategic thinking and diverse skills.
  • HR degrees make them appropriate for the versatile roles of Management
  • Some of the opportunities of this degree include practical projects or internships that connect the application and theory.

The limitations are degree programs are here.

  • The theories of degree focus on the main areas that render the potential gaps in the skills of practice.
  • The wider curriculum of HR degree qualifications sometimes cannot provide a similar level of immediate learning and particular job applicability as compared to specialised qualifications.
  • The people who remained dependent on the HR degree program have less emphasis on the recent trends in the industry.
  • People with HR degree qualifications do not have the idea of utilising particular tools in the contemporary practices of Human Resource Management.

Final thought

To conclude, both the qualifications for CIPD and HR degrees are significant however, the betterment can only be found by the side of students. The learners who want to get a particular job role in the job market can get the CIPD qualification which will pay off them immediately and the people who want to work with versatility should go towards an HR degree. The main aim of the blog was to render a comparative analysis of CIPD vs HR degrees by providing facts. Explore these facts and make the best decision for you.

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