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Mar 29, 2024

People get concerned when it comes to choosing a profession to pursue in their future life however they also require authentic information that can lead them to recognise its insight. A similar case is one in which the people who are in search of a good membership of CIPD. Therefore, the next concern of the individuals is about CIPD student membership cost. If you are considering the fields of HR or L&D you must go towards the CIPD which is an acronym of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Being a professional body for people and HR in cities like Ireland and the UK, the CIPD membership renders a broad range of perquisites that include valuable resource access, opportunities for networking, and support with professional development.

Another key component for competent members is the CIPD membership fees. The main aim of this blog is to offer you a comprehensive insight into the CIPD student membership cost that includes the factors which impact the fees, categories of different membership, and associated membership costs. You can also explore the extra expenses including fees of application and fees of registration in qualification.

Factors Inducing CIPD Membership Fees

Recognising the different factors which impact the CIPD membership fees can assist you in deciding information regarding the selection and joining of the most appropriate category of membership for your requirement. Here are the key factors with great breakdown.

Career Stage

  • In the career stage, the students have to be aware of the different categories of the membership including:
  • The category of student membership remains available for the students who are pursuing their qualification in terms of human resources and provides accessibility to support and resources at minimum rates.
  • The career stage of affiliated membership is appropriate for people who have a great interest in human resources but do not have the qualifications yet, this membership provides them with Limited perks at minimum cost.
  • In the career state of Member, the human resource professionals find it as the most common category with an understanding of the qualification and provide accessibility to the complete range of resources and benefits in CIPD.
  • In the fellow career stage, the individuals can acquire this prestigious categorise which needs the demonstration and extensive experience with the human resource professional commitment. It caters for recognition and additional benefits but contains a higher fee.

Categories of Membership

The CIPD provides various categories of membership that are designed for the versatile areas of specialisation in HR. These categories include talent management, learning and development and offer accessibility to particular resources and opportunities for networking in terms of your selected field. Moreover, their cipd membership fees might be different slightly rather than the generalist category of membership.

Method of Payment

CIPD renders both monthly and annual payment options for the fees of membership. On the other hand, the annual option typically provides a sliding discount rather than a monthly payment, it needs a larger payment upfront.


The core membership fees remain consistent throughout the Ireland or UK, there must be exceptional charges according to the region or applicable discounts according to the particular location. In terms of advice from the experts, individuals need to check the website of CIPD student membership costs for any particular location fees.

Sightseeing Diverse Membership Costs and Categories

The CIPD program provides a great variety of membership categories that pave to versatile stage careers, requirements and specialisations. Let`s explore the particular associated costs and benefits of every category.

Student Membership

The cost of student membership is particularly lower than the different categories typically about 50 Dollars to $60 per year.
It contains benefits including accessibility to Exclusive resources for the students, support of career development, events networking and discounted CIPD qualification rates.

Affiliate membership

  • In the affiliate membership, the cost is less than the standard membership which is approximately about $80 to $100 per year.
  • The benefits of affiliate membership include the accessibility to online resources, new updates of HR, and particular opportunities for networking.
  • The eligibility for the students required the open interest of individuals in HR but having insecurities in qualification.


  • The cost of being cost of this membership is the most comprehensive and common category with fees of about 190 USD to 320 USD per year that is relay on your selected payment and specialisation method.
  • The benefits of this membership include complete access to the resources of CIPD including online materials for learning, templates, toolkits, events of professional development, local activities of the branch and helplines.
  • The eligibility criteria of this membership require a hold on the understood qualification of HR and a particular meeting of experienced criteria.


The costs of the fellow membership comprised of the highest rates of about 340 USD to 470 USD per year and emphasis on your selected payment and specialisation method.
The benefits of taking cipd membership are based on the accessibility to versatile reading and acquisition resources, programs of leadership development, opportunities for mentoring, and prestigious invitations to the events. The eligibility criteria for the students to get the fellow membership is to have a relevant qualification in CIPD and experience in HR with a demonstration of commitment to the professional through achievements and contributions.

Specialist Category of Membership

Apart from the main membership categories, CIPD offers the membership with specialisation which is tailored to particular areas of HR including reward management, learning and development, relationships of employees and others. All these categories provide accessibility to the opportunities for networking, expert resources and special events in terms of your selected field and CIPD associate membership costs are different from the general category of the membership. Never forget that, the ranges of CIPD membership costs demonstrated above are just approximate values. It can be raised or minimised by the time slightly. To know the exact information how much is a CIPD membership? You need to go to the official website or call the institute.

Recognition of Additional Expenses

Apart from the cost of CIPD membership, there are other explanations for the associate son of additional expenses with the membership of CIPD.

Fees of Application

After applying for the CIPD membership you have to pay the one-time fee of Administration which is about 40 euros to 60 euros. This fee is applicable regardless of the level of membership that you have selected.

Registration Fees for the Qualification

When you apply for the membership emphasize the qualification of HR, you must be required to pay the extra fees for the registration of your qualification with the body of the award. This qualification is offered to you by the organisation. The amount depends on the variety of rates that are associated with the particular organisation and qualification.

Fees for CPD Activity

CIPD encourage the members to progress their skills with development. on the other hand, many resources of CPD are also part of your membership that you can find in specialized courses, conferences and workshops which will have additional participation fees. These costs rely on the category of provider and activity.

Extras Optional

CIPD may also provide additional services such as in-depth resources of online platforms, specialised Publication or mentoring of careers. These services are optional and generally comprised of their associated fees.

Retake Fees

If you are willing to retake your assessment of CIPD after failing in your previous attendance then you will have to incur the fees of a retake. It will assist you in administering cost and assessment grading.

Increasing the value of your membership

Get information as much as you can about the CIPD membership is provides you with proactive knowledge and increases your benefits. The tips regarding the justification of your investment are demonstrated here:

  • Use your resources: Find out the resources range with the CIPD that provides the templates, online toolkits, Research reports, extensive knowledge and webinars. All these material villages are due to increasing the actionable information and best implementation of the practice.
  • CPD engagement: Get the free advantage or discounts of the opportunities for professional development provided by the CIPD. Workshops, online learning and conferences assist you in staying informed about recent industry Trends and increase your skills.
  • Networking: Participation in the events of CIPD including in person and online will assist you to grow your network. the connection with other professionals in HR, generating networks and learning from professionals of another field will assist you in growing your network. The consideration of joining your local branch of CIPD for more peer support at a localised level will assist you.
  • Search for mentorship: Stay with such a mentor through the programs of CIPD mentoring. The mentorship will assist you to get invaluable guidance for supporting your journey of career development.
  • Getting recognition:By getting the Associates CIPD, chartered MCIPD, or chartered FCIPD, designations you can get the demonstration of your commitment and expertise. This qualification of the profession will increase your prospects of career and credibility.


In a nutshell, the recognition of the CPD membership cost will provide you with the equipment to generate an informative decision regarding the selection and joining of the most appropriate category for your requirement. On the other hand, this investment can also be a significant part of your potential benefit with substantial information. By utilising the extensive resources, opportunities for networking, and professional support development provided by the CIPD, you can increase your valuable knowledge, elevate your projector career, and increase your skills. Never forget that the journey of CIPD membership is continuing with the professional growth pursuit. With active engagement with three sources and network building you can pursue the continuous learning that will certify you the investment that can empower you to acquire the aspiration of your career in the dynamic landscape of HR.


How much does it cost to be a CIPD member?

The charges of the CIPD membership vary on the level of education which students get according to their learning level. However, to know the accurate value of the fees you need to visit the official place at the Institute of CIPD.

Why is CIPD so expensive?

The CIPD membership is expensive because it offers multiple benefits and chances to learn more about the landscape of HR. These incredible features of the CIPD membership include resource access, networking chances, and chances to meet the seniors in the events and workshops.

Do I need a CIPD membership?

If you want to learn the next level learning of the CIPD program then you should get a CIPD membership which will aid you in getting multiple chances to explore the incentives of HR and the learning and development world.

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